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ANTARCTIC 2021/2022/2023

Bold, New Antarctic.

Brand New Ship  – The inaugural season of Ultramarine and its cutting-edge helicopter program page 29.

New Destination – Patagonia, Cape Horn & Diego Ramirez Islands pages 12 & 14

Solar Eclipse Voyages – A rare opportunity in Antarctica! page 22 & 23

Superior Spa & Wellness Amenities – Introducing Voya spa, sauna and yoga page 34

The adventure – The most off-ship adventures: flightseeing, alphine heli-trekking exclusive heli-landing pages 44 & 45

the Antarctic:  Beyond your wildest dreams.

After 30 years of incredible adventures in the Antarctic, we continue to discover yet more remote regions on the 7th Continent seldom visited by humankind— as our team conceives new life-changing off-ship adventures that stretch our imagination and yours! At Quark Expeditions, we’re committed to taking you beyond the next horizon in polar adventure, ever deepening your profound connection to this pristine polar environment.


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Awards & Accolades


  • World’s Leading Specialist Cruise Line 2020
  • World’s Leading Polar Expeditions Operator 2018


  • Best Adventure Cruise Line 2018


  • Best-of-the-Best Luxury Cruise Awards
    Winner, Expedition 2018
    Winner, Expedition 2017


  • Best Expedition Itinerary:
    Spitsbergen Explorer 2019
    Northwest Passage 2018
    North Pole 2018
  • Best Small Ship Expedition 2019
  • Marketing Promotional Video 2019
    Face to Face With Iconic Arctic Wildlife


  • Best Expedition Itinerary:
    Essential Greenland 2019
    Greenland Explorer 2018
    West Greenland 2017
  • Best Small Ship Expedition 2017
  • Best Adventure Destination:
    Greenland 2017


  • Small-Ship Ocean Cruise Line 2016


  • Kapitan Khlebnikov’s Northwest
    Passage Expedition 2016

IAATO (the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) advocates and promotes the practice of safe and environmentally responsible privatesector travel to the Antarctic.

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quark expeditions history

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Antarctica AT A GLANCE
antarctic at a glance

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Antarctic Map
antarctic map

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The Antarctic Peninsula

Setting foot on the 7th Continent is an experience like no other. Rewarding shore visits, Zodiac cruises and off-ship adventure options enable you to experience all the wonder Antarctica has to offer. You have the opportunity to step outside yourself in so many incredible ways, with each life-changing moment tailored to suit your own travel dreams. Whether you’re focusing on the Antarctic highlights or exploring the peninsula indepth just south of the Antarctic Circle, our range of itineraries and activities will help you explore Antarctica in a way that will be both uniquely yours and entirely unforgettable.

Sea, ice, and weather conditions will ultimately
influence your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

In This Section

  • Six Itineraries from 8 to 15 days.
  • Crossing the Antarctic Circle.
    See pages 16 and 17
  • Fly Over the Notorious
    Drake Passage.
    See pages 15 and 17
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Guests photographing iconic wildlife during a Zodiac excursion.

image 039 2
image 038 2
image 037 2
image 040 1

Reveling in the breath-taking scenery of Patagonia; Lighthouse at Cape Horn; a Magellanic penguin

Essential Patagonia: Chilean Fjords and Torres del Paine

Retrace Charles Darwin’s epic voyage to the ‘edge of the world’ on this 15-day journey into Chile’s spectacular network of fjords and channels. Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters and 20 quick-launching Zodiacs enable guests to witness some of the most remote and picturesque landscapes on Earth, as well as colonies of Magellanic penguins, seabirds, sea lions, elephant seals and gorgeous blue-toned glaciers.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map1 4

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent

Great for first-time explorers who’ve dreamed of setting foot on the 7th Continent, this classic 11-day expedition lets you revel in the highlights of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula while traveling on Ultramarine, equipped with its two twin-engine helicopters and 20 quick-launching Zodiacs. Observe penguins, whales and seabirds and choose from a robust portfolio of helicopter-supported adventure options exclusive to guests traveling on Ultramarine.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected

map2 3
image 043 2
image 042 2
image 041 2
image 044 2

Zodiac cruise around icebergs; three curious chinstrap penguins; a helicopter soars above Cape Horn lighthouse, Chile.

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent plus Cape Horn and Diego Ramírez

Imagine yourself landing at historical Cape Horn, and potentially visiting albatross nesting grounds on the Diego Ramírez Islands, in addition to crossing the famed Drake Passage and setting foot on the 7th Continent. Explore majestic natural environments by Zodiac and during shore hikes while observing penguins, whales and other wildlife. Guests can immerse themselves in history, biology and glaciology during onboard presentations by polar experts.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map3 2

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake

Our fastest option to Antarctica is ideal for first-timers, those short on time and others who prefer to skip sailing across the Drake Passage. Included flights between Punta Arenas, Chile, and King George Island take you over the Drake Passage, enabling you to start exploring right away. Enjoy spotting wildlife, learning polar history and embracing adventure options in just eight days.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map4 2
image 048 1
image 047 2
image 046 2
image 049 1

Guests sail the Antarctic Peninsula on board one of our small polar vessels. A yawning leopard seal; curious penguins; guests celebrate the emotion-packed
milestone of crossing the Antarctic Circle.

Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition

This journey gives you a more in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, taking you farther south and across the Antarctic Circle. You experience all the highlights of the western Peninsula, then become one of the select few to ever sail to 66°33′ S. The monumental isolation is extraordinary. Follow the path of early pioneers with in-depth exploration of penguin colonies, glaciers, bays and historical sites, venturing off-ship by Zodiac, on foot and potentially by helicopter.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected.

map5 1

Antarctic Express: Crossing the Circle

This adventure offers the incredible highlights of Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition, but with flights across the Drake Passage. Eliminating the notorious
waterway crossing shaves a few days off your journey. Don’t worry, crossing the Antarctic Circle is just as monumental, and the experiences of encountering wildlife and being part of the environment and at one with the polar isolation is just as magical.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map6 1
The Falklands & South Georgia.

While the continent itself is a major draw to this fascinating part of the world, the outlying regions of the rarely visited sub-Antarctic islands are teeming with both a rich history and iconic animal life. You’ve traveled all this way, you should consider exploring the Falkland Islands and South Georgia as well. Imagine a wildlife paradise with hundreds of thousands of king penguins crowding the beaches and harems of fur seals and elephant seals basking in the sunshine. These itineraries offer you memory-making experiences that can only be found on these captivating and remote islands.

NATURE IS THE TOUR GUIDE: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will ultimately influence your expedition. Embrace the unexpected!

In This Section

  • Six Itineraries from 16 to 23 days.
  • South Georgia, the “Galapagos of the Poles”, and home to hundreds of thousands of breeding king penguins.
  • Historic Falkland Islands.
    See pages 21, 23 & 25
  • An Epic 23-Day Adventure.
    See page 25
image 054 1
image 053 1
image 055 1

Antarctic fur seals snooze at Deception Island; A keen birder observes an albatross rookery on West Point Island; Sir Ernest Shackleton’s
gravesite; guests hike on South Georgia Island.

South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin Safari

At 16 days, this is the fastest way to visit both the Antarctica Peninsula and South Georgia, the “Galapagos of the Southern Ocean.” Expect albatross and Cape petrels to guide your ship toward South Georgia beaches teeming with king penguins and elephant seals. Explore polar history visiting the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton. On the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands, you can view vast polar landscapes, visit penguin rookeries or explore by sea kayak or try a new off-ship adventure activity.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected.

map7 1

Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia and Antarctica: Explorers and Kings

This rarely-offered itinerary lets you check the entire Antarctic region off your list. Wander the quaint British town of Stanley in the Falkland Islands, view the 30 bird species and four types of penguins in South Georgia and visit the grave of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. You can then explore the 7th Continent by ship, Zodiac and on foot, enjoy exciting off-ship adventure options, and learn about geology, history and wildlife from onboard specialists.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected.

map8 1
image 057 1
image 056 1
image 058 1

Guests admire the remarkable Antarctic landscape; A solar eclipse; king penguins gather en masse.

Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia

Eclipse chasers, get ready! We’re reuniting eclipse experts and team members who were part of our 2003 journey when Quark Expeditions guests became the first humans ever to witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica. In addition to getting the chance to experience the eclipse from the Southern Ocean, you’ll see towering icebergs, mammoth glaciers, ice-covered mountains in Antarctica, and rookeries of penguins on South Georgia.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map9 1

Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia and Falkland Islands

The ideal voyage for eclipse chasers who also want to visit South Georgia and the Falkland Islands! We’re reuniting eclipse experts and team members who were part of our 2003 journey when Quark Expeditions guests became the first humans ever to witness a Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica. In addition to the eclipse experience, highlights include the sub-Antarctic wildlife of South Georgia, where the beaches are blanketed in penguins, as well as an opportunity to explore the history of the Falkland Islands while visiting the quaint British town of Stanley.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map10 1
image 061 2
image 060 1
image 059 1
image 062 1

Exploring Grytviken, South Georgia, the burial place of Sir Ernest Shackleton.; A joyful guest arrives in Antarctica; crested penguins socializing; Zodiac excursion through the ice-laden waterways.

Celebrating Shackleton: Journey from Antarctica to South Georgia

This specially-curated 20-day voyage on Ultramarine—with its two helicopters—celebrates the life of Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose passing on January 5, 1922 marked the end of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. Guests will follow in the footsteps of Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–1917), including Elephant Island and, ultimately, wildlife-rich South Georgia, where, if conditions allow, guests will pay homage to Shackleton at his grave at Grytviken.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will determine your trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected

map11 2

Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle via the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia

Experience everything the Antarctic region has to offer. Our most in-depth voyage (23 days) takes you to historic Falkland Islands (home to seals, dolphins and five species of penguins), wildlife-rich South Georgia (known as the “Galapagos of the South Seas”), the iconic Antarctic Peninsula and ending with the ultimate milestone: crossing the Antarctic Circle.

Nature is the tour guide: Sea, ice, and weather conditions will affect your flights and trip itinerary. Embrace the unexpected!

map12 1
Our superior fleet.

Quark Expeditions maintains the largest, most diverse fleet of small polar vessels in the industry, offering guests a wide range of choice based on the polar experience they’d like. The capacity of our ships ranges from 128 to 199 guests, which creates an intimate, relaxed onboard ambience. The small size of our vessels also means we’re able to navigate hard-to-reach Antarctic destinations that are inaccessible to larger vessels. Each ship delivers a unique experience of its own. You get to choose. For instance, Ultramarine, with its two helicopters and 20 quick-deploy Zodiacs, offers the most off-ship adventures in the Polar Regions. World Explorer, on the other hand, is the only ship in the world with a L’Occitane Spa. Ocean Diamond, thanks to its icestrengthened hull, is ideal for navigating ice-laden waters. And the classic touches of Ocean Adventurer make it a favorite with guests and crew alike.

image 063 1 scaled

The newest ship in our fleet, Ultramarine is designed to go beyond the familiar in polar exploration, to discover new places, and to immerse you in the best the region has to offer. Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, Ultramarine offers the most robust portfolio of adventure activities in the industry, and features the category’s most spacious suites, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size, complemented by an innovative mix of sustainability features that exceed all industry standards.

With all this and more, Ultramarine is perfectly positioned to deliver the ultimate polar expedition experience

ship 2

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See Dates & Rates for cabin pricing.
Visit QuarkExpeditions.com to view deck plan details

image 069 1


image 068 1


image 067 1


Unbeatable helicopter experience.

Quark Expeditions has the longest-running helicopter program in the Polar Regions—dating back to 1991. Today, our two bestin-class twin-engine helicopters on Ultramarine go further into the Polar Regions and get guests off the ship and enjoying their immersive polar excursions faster than any other operator.

The largest portfolio of off-ship adventure options in the industry.
Our two twin-engine helicopters (and two helidecks) plus our fleet of 20 quick-deploy Zodiacs enable guests to enjoy off-ship adventures never before possible, making Quark Expeditions the Leader in Polar Helicopter Adventure. Our helicopter-supported activities—designed to take guests beyond the polar horizons—include:


Advanced sustainability.
In keeping with our Polar Promise, our helicopters were selected for their:

• Status as the most fuel-efficient aircrafts of their category
• Small external footprint
• Reduced noise pollution.

Most experienced crew.
Our expedition team draws on 30 years of heli-expertise.

You’ll fly with:
• The best trained helicopter pilots in the polar industry
• Pilots who are well-travelled and worldly
• Guides who are personable, and always create an intimate and accessible flight experience.

Industry leading polar safety.
Our state-of-the-art aircrafts are equipped with the latest technology placing our helicopters among the safest in their class.

Adventure meets luxury.
You’ll enjoy superior comfort in a sleek, best-in-class helicopter while flying over the pristine polar landscape.
Highlighting your polar flight:
• Best-in-class window sizes for viewing and photography opportunities
• The layout gives everyone on board an excellent window view
(7 out of 8 get a window seat)
• Quiet flying experience
• Designed for ultimate comfort.

image 072


image 068 1

Exclusive Heli-Landing

image 067 1

Industry leading safety

Ultramarine Amenities

In addition to the game changing off ship experiences, Ultramarine will provide you with an exceptional onboard experience. Ultramarine features 102 suites across nine categories, including six solo suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and the largest entry-level twin suites of its class. Each suite has been meticulously designed to keep guests inspired by, and connected to, the breathtaking polar landscapes outside. Learn all about what these cabins have to offer.

Click Image to Enlarge

A day onboard; ULTRAMARINE 

Relax, explore, learn, reflect,
and so much more!

Wake up in your spa-inspired suite.
Every guest on Ultramarine wakes up to a view of the polar landscape. Private bathrooms with heated floors add to your morning comfort. Other possible amenities, depending on your suite: a picture window and/or balcony, a walk-in closet and sitting area, among other extra touches.

Join the early birds in Bistro 487.
Consider a quiet walk on the deck and then enjoy a morning cup of java with other early risers before breakfast.

Enjoy breakfast with a view.
Feel free to remain in Bistro 487 for your breakfast, or choose a table in our sleek, modern dining-room, Balena, which is designed with window views in every direction.

Get ready to explore the polar environment.
Get suited up for an off-ship excursion in Ultramarine’s specially-designed Ready Rooms, complete with individual lockers to store and dry personal items
and expedition gear while you enjoy your Zodiac cruise through the polar waters.

Keep your ears open for morning announcements.
Your Expedition Leader will announce any updates to the daily program and share weather announcements over the PA system to help you plan your day.

Enjoy wildlife views from the ship.
Ultramarine has more open deck space for viewing wildlife than any other ship of its size. Watch for whales, polar bears and other wildlife from the comfort of the ship.

Enjoy a delicious lunch while swapping stories and expedition experiences with fellow guests in our Balena Restaurant or Bistro 487.

Relax in the Ultramarine library.
Lose yourself in one of the many books on a wide array of polar subjects in the comfortable library.

Enjoy an unforgettable off-ship Adventure Option.
Choose from Ultramarine’s robust portfolio of off-ship adventure options, such as sea kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, or sign up for one of our helicoptersupported adventure options such as flightseeing or alpine heli-trekking.

Relax and rejuvenate back on the ship.
Consider a soothing massage or visit the steam room in Tundra, Ultramarine’s beautifully designed spa. Or practice yoga in the Studio. Then perhaps  experience our sauna with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to stay connected to the polar landscape while relaxing indoors.

Attend an expert presentation.
Join fellow guests in Ultramarine’s Ambassadors Theater to learn from knowledgeable experts who present on various polar subjects. The schedule of these
presentations will be determined by the day’s activities.

image 076 1
image 075 1
image 078 1

Pre-dinner cocktails.
Enjoy a cocktail with fellow guests while your Expedition Leader enthusiastically shares the daily recap and outlines the plan for the following day.

Dinner is served.
Sit down to a gourmet meal—inspired by cuisines from around the world—in the Balena Restaurant, which features outstanding views from every seat, full access to the 360-degree wraparound deck, and a variety of seating configurations to comfortably accommodate all guests and expedition staff. You also have the option of dining in the more casual and intimate Bistro 487.

Call it a day.
Wrap up your day with a drink in the Panorama Lounge with your new friends, or head out onto the deck to take in the calm, low-light at the end of the day. Then it’s back to your spa-inspired cabin to rest up for tomorrow—another life-changing day on Ultramarine.

image 077 1
image 073
From wilderness to wellness.

Guests traveling on Ultramarine have plenty of opportunities to rejuvenate and relax back onboard the ship after a day spent exploring the polar wilderness. Tundra, our state-of-the-art spa on Deck 7, is the onboard space where our guests can fully relax and unwind before their next off-ship adventure.

image 083 1
Food & cuisine.

Food is an integral element of the expedition experience on Ultramarine. In addition to enjoying fine dining inspired by cuisines from around the world, meal times are excellent opportunities to share the day’s highlights with fellow guests and engage with members of the expedition team and onboard polar experts.

Our internationally-trained chefs work with local experts across our far-flung destinations to source local items that provide an authentic flavor accent to selected food and beverage offerings. (Please inform our team of dietary restrictions when you book your voyage.) Desserts are fabulous! Afternoon tea, with pastries or cookies, is provided about 4 pm every day. Fresh pastries arrive warm from the oven for early birds about 6 am. Guests on Ultramarine can choose from two restaurants, as well as two additional bars.

Tundra Spa
Inspired by the calming and serene polar landscapes, our Tundra spa, in collaboration with VOYA of Ireland, is the core of our wellness offering onboard
Ultramarine. Guests can enjoy thoughtfully selected wellness treatments and luxurious organic products designed to nourish the body and relax the mind.

Amenities include:
Two dedicated treatment rooms with luxurious heated massage beds, as well as shower facilities, hair treatment studio, and a post-treatment relaxation room with ocean views. An array of massages, body scrubs and wraps, including our signature Tundra Hot Stone Massage Journey All treatments feature VOYA organic skincare products, based on organic hand-harvested seaweed oils.

Balena is our finer dining restaurant on Ultramarine, serving contemporary cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with capacity to seat all guests and the entire expedition team at the same time. Expect globally-inspired dishes and regional specialties that feature locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Savor house wines and beers at lunch and dinner, or select from our in-restaurant beverage menu, featuring fine regional and global wines, as well as spirits (at an additional cost). Balena is designed so that every seat has a good view and there are four exits directly onto the wraparound deck, ensuring guests have easy access to the sometimes fleeting wonders of nature outside.

image 082 1


image 084 1

Fitness Center

image 085 1


The beautifully-designed co-ed sauna on Ultramarine features floor-to-ceiling windows, which enable guests to relax back on the ship while still remaining connected to the icy waters and pristine polar landscape outside.

Steam Room
The steam room is available for you to relax and rejuvenate after a hike or a workout.

Fitness Center and Studio
Our onboard fitness center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment by Technogym, allowing guests to maintain their fitness regimen while traveling. The Studio also features mats and balls for stretching or informal yoga classes.

Nutritious Meals
With two onboard restaurants, our culinary team delivers contemporary meals with lighter options at every service. Please notify us of any dietary preferences at the time of booking.

Clean Air
In addition to the fresh air in the wide open spaces of the remote Polar Regions, guests also benefit from Ultramarine’s advanced air filtration system. We want you to breathe easy on board and off-ship.

image 079 1


image 080 1


image 081 1

Panorama Lounge

Bistro 487
Bistro 487 is the more casual restaurant on Deck 7, serving extended breakfast, lunch and dinner to accommodate those who rise early or late or simply want
a change of scenery. The Bistro 487 menu features quicker meals and offers “grab and go” staples between meal times. With access to outdoor seating on
the aft deck, Bistro 487 hosts the ever-popular Quark Expeditions barbecues and serves as an ideal location for those who relish the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or cocktail in the great outdoors.

Ambassadors is the main theater/lounge on Ultramarine, where guests enjoy informative talks and presentations from a variety of expedition staff, polar
experts and special guests. The Ambassadors bar will be open during presentation hours and for special events.

Panorama Lounge
The Panorama Lounge on Deck 7 is the main bar on Ultramarine and features spectacular forward views, a variety of comfortable seating and a convivial bar atmosphere offering an array of specialty cocktails, 24-hour coffee and tea, plus a well-stocked polar library.

World Explorer

World Explorer has been designed for superior comfort, with the beauty of Antarctica right at your doorstep: each cabin is a suite with a private balcony. This is one of the first expedition ships in the world to operate on low-emission, sustainable hybrid technology from Rolls-Royce. Facilities include a glass-domed Observation Lounge, Explorer Lounge and Bar, dining room, auditorium, outdoor running track, gym, sauna, the first ever L’Occitane Sea Spa, heated outdoor pool and Polar Boutique.

ship2 1

Click Image to Enlarge

See Dates & Rates for cabin pricing.
Visit QuarkExpeditions.com to view deck plan details.

image 086 1
image 087 1


image 088 1


image 089 1


Ocean Adventurer

A guests favorite, Ocean Adventurer underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation several years ago. The ship’s traditional mahogany and brass décor has been complemented by a completely refreshed lounge and dining room, as well as new bathrooms in public spaces and all cabins, updated Suites, and the addition of six Deluxe and three Owner’s Suites. Technical improvements feature two new Rolls-Royce engines that increase fuel efficiency and minimize the ship’s carbon footprint. Facilities include a dining room, multipurpose lounge and bar, gym, Polar Library and Polar Boutique.


Click Image to Enlarge

See Dates & Rates for cabin pricing.
Visit QuarkExpeditions.com to view deck plan details.

image 092 1
image 093


image 095


image 094


Ocean Adventurer

A guests favorite, Ocean Adventurer underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation several years ago. The ship’s traditional mahogany and brass décor has been complemented by a completely refreshed lounge and dining room, as well as new bathrooms in public spaces and all cabins, updated Suites, and the addition of six Deluxe and three Owner’s Suites. Technical improvements feature two new Rolls-Royce engines that increase fuel efficiency and minimize the ship’s carbon footprint. Facilities include a dining room, multipurpose lounge and bar, gym, Polar Library and Polar Boutique.


Click Image to Enlarge

See Dates & Rates for cabin pricing.
Visit QuarkExpeditions.com to view deck plan details.

image 092 1
image 093


image 095


image 094


Ocean Diamond

A favorite vessel among our staff and past guests, Ocean Diamond inspires a friendly onboard community with a variety of lounges, bars and lecture rooms where like-minded explorers can gather to share their thoughts on the day. Ocean Diamond carries fewer than 200 guests, providing plenty of space to be social, join onboard activities or enjoy quiet time in the well-stocked Polar Library. With powerful stabilizers and an ice-strengthened hull, Ocean Diamond makes the ride smooth on challenging expeditions. All rooms have exterior views, ensuite facilities and flat screen TVs and DVD players. Some suites feature private balconies.

ocean diamond ship

Click Image to Enlarge

See Dates & Rates for cabin pricing.
Visit QuarkExpeditions.com to view deck plan details.

image 098 1
image 101


image 100


image 099 1


the On-ship Experience

Quark Expeditions’ fleet provides guests with many options to engage, relax, learn and stay connected to the polar environment even when they’re onboard the ship.

Your life onboard.
image 105

Onboard enrichment
Daily presentations by experts in glaciology, penguinology, history, ornithology, marine biology, history and other polar-related subjects deepen your expedition experience.

image 107

Daily briefings and recaps
Guests can expect updates each morning on the day’s highlights, weather changes and itinerary along with daily summaries in the afternoon/evening.

image 100

Opportunities to connect
Connect with fellow guests and expedition team members. Guests frequently interact with expedition team members in the dining room and on outer decks.

image 099 1

Superb dining
Our internationally-trained chefs oversee a menu that changes daily. Our culinary team strives to satisfy dietary preferences and tastes. Breakfast and lunch feature a buffet while dinner is a plated service. Afternoon tea (with pastries or cookies) is provided late afternoon, and fresh pastries are available for early birds before breakfast.

image 108

Exercise and wellness
Amenities vary from ship to ship and can include outdoor walking tracks, gyms, saunas, spas with change rooms, showers and lockers. Ultramarine offers a sauna with floor-toceiling windows and fitness studio, while World Explorer has the polar industry’s only on-ship L’Occitane spa.

image 109

Wildlife viewing
Every ship has easy-access spots to observe wildlife while onboard. Our newest ship, Ultramarine, has more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size.

image 099 1

Lounge and bar
Each ship offers a lounge and bar(s) for guests to gather together to enjoy coffee and afternoon snacks, socialize over drinks and for staff presentations.

Adventure options.

The Adventure

When it’s time to leave the comfort of the ship, Quark Expeditions offers the largest number of off-ship activities in the Polar Regions. Some are included in your expedition package, while others cost extra and need to be booked in advance.

All of our Adventure Options are weatherpermitting. Activity offerings vary by itinerary. See individual itineraries for specific details.

image 117

Zodiac Cruising

These rugged, reinforced rubber skiffs whisk you safely from the ship to the remote shorelines and back, taking you into the shallow waters the ship can’t reach. Touring around by Zodiac on the look-out for wildlife is an intimate and relaxing way to see the icy bays and inlets.

image 119


Hiking in Antarctica is free-form and supervised by our expert staff, who set out a perimeter at each landing site within which you are free to explore. Walking poles are provided at each landing for your convenience. As there are a limited number of poles available, please bring your own if you require them on every landing, as some landing sites will offer more demanding options than others.

image 115
helicopter 1


Enjoying a birds-eye view of the Antarctic—icebergs, glaciers, snow-capped peaks, wildlife, vast ocean expanses—from the seat of a helicopter provides an incredible perspective of the polar landscape. Looking down onto the polar environment is to truly appreciate the breadth of this magnificent wilderness. *On Ultramarine voyages only

image 120
trampoline 1

Polar Plunge

As madcap as it looks, this activity sees willing participants jumping into the bone-chilling ocean waters. It’s a polar rite of passage—and the photo ops are priceless. Dare yourself to take the plunge!

image 116
kayaking 1

Sea Kayaking

Kayaking along the rugged coastlines and through the calm bays with an experienced guide is one of the most inspiring ways to explore pristine Antarctica. Guests in the sea kayaking program typically paddle multiple times during their expedition. *Some experience required.

image 118
paddles 1

Paddling Excursion

A guided, one-time, one-hour paddle lets you enjoy the tranquil polar surroundings from an intimate perspective. Just imagine yourself gliding along on a stable, sit-on-top kayak, totally at one  with the water. *No experience required.

image 114
kayaking 1

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Part surfing, part paddling, this water sport is an intimate way to experience Antarctica from the unique vantage point of the water. Not only is it a great way to breathe in the fresh sea air, it is also a great core workout. *On Ultramarine and World Explorer voyages only. *No experience required.

image 113
fire 1


It may sound unbelievable, but camping overnight on the 7th Continent is absolutely wonderful—snug in your warm, waterresistant and breathable bivy under the dim glow of a polar sky with an intimate group of campers. *No experience required.

image 111
helicopter 1

Exclusive Heli-Landing

With a small group of fellow guests and expert guides, you’ll board one of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters to soar off to an exclusive polar site where no ships can navigate. You’ll have time to relax and quietly reflect on the beauty of your polar surroundings, after which you’ll be picked up by the helicopters in the same location and returned to the ship. *On Ultramarine voyages only

image 112
helicopter 1

Alpine Heli-Trekking

You’ll be part of an intimate group of adventurers to board one of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters for a trekking excursion in an area only safely accessed by air. On land, during an invigorating walk, hike or snowshoe trek, you’ll be able to marvel at the overwhelming beauty of the Antarctic. *On Ultramarine voyages only.

the Ensemble

Talk to anyone who’s traveled on a Quark Expeditions voyage and the first thing they’ll talk about is the team—the ensemble cast of Polar Travel Advisors, Expedition Leaders, Adventure Guides and other on-ship staff who do everything possible to curate unforgettable guest experiences in the Polar Regions. Passion, determination, expertise, commitment to safety, and curiosity have defined the Quark Expeditions team since 1991. As the most experienced team in the expedition industry, we draw on our 30 years of polar exploration to ensure you have the polar trip of a lifetime.

Polar Travel Advisors.

Our dedicated team of polar specialists are available to help you from the first email exchange or initial phone call to the friendly follow-up after you’ve returned home after your voyage. Trust our team of Polar Travel Advisors to have the information you need to plan your life-changing  Antarctic journey.

Polar Experience: All of our Polar Travel Advisors have first-hand experience in the Polar Regions. Some have made multiple polar voyages throughout their career.

In-depth knowledge: Our Polar Travel Advisors undergo rigorous training. All of them are thoroughly versed in the guidelines and regulations of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO).

Multilingual: Collectively, our Polar Travel Advisors are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Italian.

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Your Expedition Leaders.

Our Expedition Leaders are the most experienced in the industry. They possess an incredible range of skills: strong communications; the ability to navigate unexpected itinerary changes; a commitment to safety; and and an excellence in coordinating, supporting and leading a diverse Expedition Team to meet and exceed your expectations. All of our Expedition Leaders undergo rigorous training at our very own polar training institute, Quark Academy. In addition, our teams are fully versed in the regulations and guidelines set by the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which serves to protect the Antarctic region.

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Abbey Weisbrot
Home base: Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
Years of polar experience: 7
Polar expeditions to date: 70
Areas of expertise: Bachelor of Tourism Management with a major in Adventure Studies. Certified Level 3 Lead Sea Kayak Guide with Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia.
Advice to polar travelers: “Consciously slow down and soak up the incredible beauty around you, both big and small. Be present, take opportunities as they arise, and spend as much time out on the outer decks as possible.”

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Alison Gordon
Home base: Canberra, Australia
Years of polar experience: 7
Polar expeditions to date: 100
Areas of expertise: Alison, who speaks Mandarin, has studied geopolitics and founded a company that tackles the issues of food waste and sustainable protein. She’s an avid skier, scuba diver, cyclist, runner and conservationist.
Advice to polar travelers: “Be open to what it feels like to fall in love (again) with our planet and the beauty it contains.”

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Andrea Machacek
Home base: Salzburg and Vienna, Austria
Years of polar experience: 11
Polar expeditions to date: 85
Areas of expertise: Quark Expeditions Destination Consultant for North Atlantic and Greenland. Andrea is multilingual: German, English, French, Spanish and “Survival Russian”
Advice to polar travelers: “A true engagement with nature requires you to bring all of yourself, body and soul, your attention and focus—as opposed to living your life through your viewfinder or camera lens. Live in the moment, let your senses and horizon expand, and you will feel the magic happen.”

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Christian Geissler
Home base: Cumberland, BC
Years of polar experience: 15
Polar expeditions to date: 130
Areas of expertise: Christian has developed an expertise in marine mammals and orcas, most recently supporting scientific observations in the Canadian Arctic. Christian is also a skilled artist, creating paintings depicting the wildlife and seascapes of the West Coast of Canada, the Arctic and Antarctica.
Advice to polar travelers: “Being an explorer can be subjective and a personal experience and you’re never too old to start.”

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David Burton
Home base: Shetland Islands, UK
Years of polar experience: 10
Polar expeditions to date: 90
Areas of expertise: History and glaciology
Advice to polar travelers: “Head to the outer decks after dinner to take an evening constitutional. There’s no better place than the Polar Regions to take some time and reflect on the serene beauty you’ve witnessed that day, as well as contemplate the life-changing moments you’re experiencing. You never know what you might catch sight of—the majesty of the northern lights or a sighting of some wildlife!”

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David (Woody) Wood
Home base: Melbourne, AU
Years of polar experience: 20
Polar expeditions to date: 300
Areas of expertise: Woody has developed indepth knowledge of numerous aspects of polar wilderness throughout two decades of polar expedition.
Advice to polar travelers: “Polar voyages touch people in different ways. The polar environment has a power which sets people thinking about their place in our world. Get prepared with gear and have the time of your life! Travel with eyes wide open, with no fixed ideas and be open to the beauty, wonder, tranquility and fury of the polar environment.”

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Laurie Di Vincenzo
Home base: Toronto, ON
Years of polar experience: 8
Polar expeditions to date: 100
Areas of expertise: Marine logistics and operations management are Laurie’s specialties. Laurie has also been appointed as the first-ever Expedition Leader of Ultramarine.
Advice to polar travelers: “Find a quiet moment, sit still, put down your camera, and fully immerse yourself in your polar surroundings. Don’t let your mind drift to anything else other than that moment, and just give yourself space and time to absorb the landscape (and perhaps the wildlife!) around you.”

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Shane Evoy
Home base: Pointe au Baril, Ontario
Years of polar experience: 26
Polar expeditions to date: 250
What guests are apt to learn on a polar voyage: “I hope guests will learn a lot about the areas we go into so they can protect what they love. There’s a quote from environmentalist Baba Dioum that I live by when I’m on an expedition: ‘In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.’”
Advice to polar travelers: “Sit, look, listen, and feel what is around you and take it all in.”

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Solan Jensen
Home base: Juneau, AK
Years of polar experience: 15
Polar expeditions to date: 134
Areas of expertise: Solan’s roles have included wilderness ranger, expedition leader, kayak guide, boat builder and marine mammal emergency responder.
Advice to polar travelers: “Bring a receptivity to continuously absorb the experience, every gust of wind, wild shoreline and mountain, every creature that calls the polar regions home—and the ice that is home. Bring binoculars everywhere. Go on every off-ship excursion and spend as much time as you can on the outer decks of the ship. Come with curiosity and a heightened awareness because the polar regions are as huge and magnificent as they are subtle and intricate.”

Experience Matters!

We have the most experienced team in the polar regions: Shane Evoy has 19 years of experience, and David (Woody) Woods has 17 years handson experience in the polar regions. Christian Geissler has been on over 100 expeditions, while Solan Jensen has led 24 Arctic expeditions and 108 Antarctic expeditions.

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Why travel with us?

We’ve been exploring the Polar Regions for three decades, which means we’ve been taking guests on life-changing journeys to the Arctic and Antarctic longer than anyone else. As the Leader in Polar Adventures, we’re committed to taking travelers beyond the ordinary, outside the predictable and expected. We were the first expedition company to take commercial guests to the North Pole–back in 1991. We led the first-ever passenger transit of the Northeast Passage. We were the first to offer hot-air ballooning at the North Pole. We’ve always been driven to discover what’s out there—and we’re committed to taking you places no one else can.

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Here are more reasons why Quark Expeditions should be your first choice for your polar expedition:

Exclusively! We’re not a cruise company that dabbles in the Arctic and Antarctic. Polar is all we’ve been doing for the last three decades. You can have absolute trust in the expedition team that knows the Arctic and Antarctic inside out.

After 30 years of polar adventure, our seasoned expedition team and polar specialists have endless passion and unparalleled knowledge to share with guests. Our high ratio of expedition staff-to-guests means a more personal experience.

Quark Expeditions invites guests to experience the Polar Regions by land, sea, air and ice—not merely just see it through a window.

We We offer more ways to experience the polar environments than any other expedition company: flightseeing, sea kayaking, hiking, alpine heli-trekking, stand-up paddleboarding and more. Our robust portfolio of adventure options means guests can truly personalize their polar experience.

Our expert guides, innovative itineraries and quick-deploy Zodiacs enable spontaneous, wildlife encounters never before imagined!

Quark Expeditions constantly pushes the boundaries of discovery. This year we offer our two Solar Eclipse voyages in Antarctica, as well as first-time explorations of Patagonia.

Quark Expeditions has an externally-accredited safety program (British Standard BS8848). In addition, every member of our expedition team undergoes in-depth safety training at Quark Academy, our proprietary polar training institute.

Our onboard experts (in glaciology, history, biology, history and other subjects) share their in-depth knowledge with guests throughout the entire voyage.

Our two twin-engine helicopters enable guests to experience the most remote destinations in the Polar Regions.

Quark Expeditions maintains the largest, most diverse polar fleet in the industry, offering guests a wide range of choice. Our polar ships carry fewer than 200 guests and are small enough to allow guests access to hard-to-reach areas. Our ship sizes allow for customized and more personalized experiences.

Our Polar Promise is the most holistic sustainability strategy of its kind. Since 2010, we’ve decreased emissions from our fleet by 28%. In 2017, we eliminated single use plastics. By 2025, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by 10%, ensuring we can protect the areas we visit for generations to come.

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Pure polar. Pure passion.

Now that you know all about the magical Antarctic adventures you can experience with Quark Expeditions, perhaps we can tell you about equally incredible Arctic journeys as well. There’s a whole other world at the top of the globe waiting for you to explore. Let us write your ticket! We have the passion and unparalleled polar expertise to custom-build the most in-depth and unique adventure for every type of polar traveler out there. Once you get bit by the polar bug, you´ll desire to see and experience more.

Join us at the other end of the earth.
We deliver unforgettable polar moments in both polar regions. If you’re looking to strike the North Pole off your bucket list, visit QuarkExpeditions.com

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For the most updated Terms & Conditions, please visit our website at: www.QuarkExpeditions.com/Expedition-Terms-and-Conditions

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